Why would a GCM benefit me if I have the free time? Part 2

This is such an important topic, we had to expound into Part 2. Other significant reasons to hire a care manager rather than spending your time managing the medical and daily care of your loved one includes: Clarity of your role, knowing which “hats” you are wearing, knowing what you are more skilled at doing, […]

“My parents obviously need extra help and oversight due to their medical conditions – so, I think I want to hire a Geriatric Care Manager. However, I’m about to retire and will have more free time. I think I can manage it myself. Do you agree?” Rebecca from Duluth, GA

Thank you so much for your question! Often families will call us when they are stuck between the frantic responsibilities of their own lives and dealing with the tasks and needs of being a caregiver to their loved ones.   It becomes an extremely difficult balancing act between work and children and a loved one with […]

“I have noticed very minor changes in my dad’s overall condition. I am concerned that his symptoms might progress further – but, how can I know when there has been marked changes that warrant further attention?” Phillip from Milton, GA

Thank you so much for your question! And, I appreciate that you are reaching out early as you are noticing the changes while they continue to be minor. This is a wonderful time to establish what is deemed a “baseline” for your father’s condition. To be simply defined, a medical baseline is a set of […]

“What types and how much of the medical care (including Geriatric Care Management Services) that mom gets can be written off on taxes? – John from Duluth

Thanks so much for your question! Medical care of all types can be very expensive! As we come up on the April tax deadline, is it necessary to consider the out of pocket expenses for tax purposes (and potential deductions!)? In lieu of misinterpreting tax law, I will ask you to directly refer to 2 […]

“My mom has had a sudden and drastic change in her medical condition and I am interested in working with a Geriatric Care Manager. I located your website and found great general information – however, we do not live in your service area. Is there an organization for professional Geriatric Care Managers where I might be able to locate someone locally to provide such services for my mom? And, why might it be important to have a care manager affiliated with the national organization?” Dave from Dalton

Thank you so much for your question and positive feedback about our website. Yes, we belong to a national organization called the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers (NAPGCM) – which was founded in 1985 and has helped to enhance professionalism in our discipline of service. Their website is www.caremanager.org. On this website, there […]