SCO Blog March 2016 “No, dad does not have an advance directive for healthcare or financial. But, mom has died and I’m their only child – does he need it?” James from Virginia

Thank you so much for the question! In the reality of the healthcare and financial worlds, we find that having the proper legal documents in place is always best. This is for everyone over the age of 18! Although the GA Advance Directive for Healthcare is available for free online – we strongly recommend a […]

SCO Blog February 2016 “I’m so glad mom’s assisted living will provide transportation to her doctor’s appointment so that I do not have to go with her and miss work! Isn’t that great?” Mary from Roswell

This statement was taken from a recent phone call to our Aging Life Care Manager in charge of initial intake and education with families. For a bit of backstory – the daughter was concerned about mom’s declining cognitive abilities and abilities to care for herself in her home. She felt it was time for mom […]

“Does the nursing home have any standards they should be going by involving the care of my husband?” Samantha from Gainesville

Thank you for your question! As I always say when I speak to families about nursing home placement for residential care, “No one ever dreams of getting older and living in a nursing home.” However, nursing home level of care is the reality for many of our loved ones for a variety of reasons. The […]

“I cannot figure it out. Mom just will not stop falling!” – Linda from Cartersville

This is something that comes up quite frequently in conversations with our clients – so, we wanted to take a few moments to highlight a portion of the risk factors for increased falls. Please take a few moments to think through the factors below involving those for whom you care: –         Lower extremity weakness/numbness – […]

“My partner’s dad has advanced dementia and is on a memory care unit at a nursing home. He is frequently losing his hearing aid and continues to be seen frequently trying to remove it. If he loses it completely, should we pay to replace it?” Charles from Atlanta

Thank you so much for your question, Charles. I think this has to be a well-considered decision before another purchase is made. Here are a few things for you guys to consider. There is a strong correlation seen in research between hearing loss (as a form of sensory deprivation) and depression – and also many […]