“I cannot figure it out. Mom just will not stop falling!” – Linda from Cartersville

This is something that comes up quite frequently in conversations with our clients – so, we wanted to take a few moments to highlight a portion of the risk factors for increased falls. Please take a few moments to think through the factors below involving those for whom you care: –         Lower extremity weakness/numbness – […]

“My partner’s dad has advanced dementia and is on a memory care unit at a nursing home. He is frequently losing his hearing aid and continues to be seen frequently trying to remove it. If he loses it completely, should we pay to replace it?” Charles from Atlanta

Thank you so much for your question, Charles. I think this has to be a well-considered decision before another purchase is made. Here are a few things for you guys to consider. There is a strong correlation seen in research between hearing loss (as a form of sensory deprivation) and depression – and also many […]

“My mom has moderate dementia and has had increased issues expressing herself verbally. She has a long history of osteoarthritis and diabetes – however, is currently on nothing for pain. Could she be in pain? How would we know now that she might not be able to tell us?” Megan from Decatur

Thank you so much for your question!  I am glad that our newsletter this month has increased your awareness and concern for your mom’s potential experience of pain. First, with those that are cognitively impaired, we should not assume that mom cannot disclose her pain verbally. It’s important if cues are seen that we continue […]

“Why in the world is a nursing home placement for my dad so difficult?” Bill from Smyrna

Thank you so much for your question! This is a question we hear quite a bit – and yes, you are completely correct for a variety of reasons. Nursing home placement for residential care (when someone goes to live at the nursing home and this becomes their primary residence) is one of the most difficult […]

“What are the differences between a support group and group therapy? Which one is your group?” – Regina from Powder Springs

Thank you so much for your question – and what a confusing thing that this can be! Both support groups and group psychotherapy (also known as group therapy or treatment groups) share quite a few characteristics – as both bring people together who are dealing with similar issues or concerns. Here are the key differences […]

“I am making decisions about my mom’s needs and I’m looking to hire either a homecare company or a Geriatric Care Manager (now Aging Life Care Manager) – which should I hire?” – Bill from Gainesville

Thank you so much for your question. The answer to this is simple – you may very well need both. In making your decision, it is most important to clarify the role and purpose of each service. Homecare services (sometimes referred to as “sitters”) are a type of service that is privately hired by the […]

“I’ve feel like a constant caregiver! I’ve been the caregiver for my mom who just died, my kids, my spouse, and now dad. I’m so tired of caring for others. Do you ever just get tired of caring for people?” – Ramona from Decatur

Thank you so much for your honest sharing and for your question. To answer your question, YES we do get tired! We are human – and although are caregivers by professional choice – we get tired as well. It can be difficult – especially when our personal lives get complicated and our job does not […]

“My uncle recently had a “brain bleed” they are attributing to a long history of uncontrolled blood pressure. When I went to see him, I was shocked to see how much he had declined with his memory. Is there hope for him to regain his prior abilities?” – Seth from Acworth

Thank you so much for reaching out and I am so sorry to hear of the recent concerns with your uncle. With any type of traumatic brain injury – there is a true risk for a person to show a variety of cognitive changes including attention, memory, and difficulties with executive functioning. Executive functioning is […]

“I do not know how to handle all the free “advice” I am receiving from everyone about how I should provide care for my mom. It is coming from those who know our situation and others who are barely acquaintances. Before I scream at the next person who tries – please help!” – Mary from Cumming

Thank you so much for reaching out. In most families, there are only a select few that provide the majority of “hands-on” care to an aging loved one. However, those offering their advice regarding how care should be given can feel like it is coming in droves! This advice might be from family members who […]

“I think I am going to hire a private caregiver for my dad through my church. Is that a good idea?” – Danny from Cartersville

Thank you for your question! Many people need to hire an in-home caregiver for their loved one. This might be for a few hours a day to 24 hours a day – depending on the medical need and circumstance.  There are many options from which to hire a caregiver – and some families opt for […]