“What types and how much of the medical care (including Geriatric Care Management Services) that mom gets can be written off on taxes? – John from Duluth

Thanks so much for your question! Medical care of all types can be very expensive! As we come up on the April tax deadline, is it necessary to consider the out of pocket expenses for tax purposes (and potential deductions!)? In lieu of misinterpreting tax law, I will ask you to directly refer to 2 […]

“My mom has had a sudden and drastic change in her medical condition and I am interested in working with a Geriatric Care Manager. I located your website and found great general information – however, we do not live in your service area. Is there an organization for professional Geriatric Care Managers where I might be able to locate someone locally to provide such services for my mom? And, why might it be important to have a care manager affiliated with the national organization?” Dave from Dalton

Thank you so much for your question and positive feedback about our website. Yes, we belong to a national organization called the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers (NAPGCM) – which was founded in 1985 and has helped to enhance professionalism in our discipline of service. Their website is www.caremanager.org. On this website, there […]

“My 42 year old client is physically and cognitively disabled and has very expensive health insurance. He qualifies for Medicaid for his nursing home placement needs. He should have Medicare due to his disabilities. I know it is open enrollment for Medicare until December 7th, I can just sign him up now, right?” Social Worker, GA

Thank you so much for you question. The brief answer to this question is, “No, the Annual enrollment period is for those already established on Medicare to make changes to certain Medicare products – not for someone to initiate Medicare coverage, especially for someone under 65. This is an entirely different process through Social Security.” […]

Q: “My dad has “moderate” dementia. The holidays have always been so important to him and our family – and I want to include him as much as possible in our festivities. How can we best prepare for this?” Richard in Jasper, GA

  A. Thank you so much for you question. Holidays are typically known as “the most wonderful time of the year” – yet, for many who are caring for those with dementia, it can be increasingly complex – both logistically and emotionally. Dementia can be quite unpredictable and can be complicated by a variety of […]

Q. I have Medicare and have heard my Medicare coverage needs to be reviewed annually. Could you give me more information about this? Shelley in Conyers, GA

A. Great question! Medicare does have an annual Medicare Open Enrollment Period for the review of your plans which will begin October 15th and end December 7th. This opportunity is given to those with Medicare to take a look at their current coverage and make any changes desired for the upcoming year. Any changes made […]

Q: “My mom went alone to a recent visit with her general doctor and received a life-changing diagnosis. Her doctor of many years told her that she is demonstrating signs associated with the early stages of Alzheimer’s Disease and started mom on a new medication. As I have done some internet research and have spoken to a few of my friends whose parents have dealt with the diagnosis, I do not feel that his diagnosis is correct for mom’s presenting symptoms. Is it wrong to question the doctor?” Judy from Lilburn, GA

A:  No. If you have doubts, fears, or questions – it is never wrong to request clarification from a physician. Physicians are merely people who make their best judgments about particular diagnoses based on their own education, training and experience – and opinions. Due to “human error,” there is always an unintentional potential for miscommunication, […]

Q: I have met many people in the senior care industry that claim to have a certificate in this (enter anything here) or have a certification in that (enter anything here). What is the difference between a certificate and a certification, and how can that help me to determine a person’s level of experience in the field of senior care? Marjorie from Lawrenceville, GA

A:  I would say the majority of the families that I have worked with are “new” to the world of senior options and are typically feeling very apprehensive about their own “lack” of knowledge.  Some experts will present a level of education, title, certification, or a certificate in a related field of study to promote […]

Q: Do you have to be a certain age to use the services of a Geriatric Care Manager? Gail W. from Marietta, GA

A: The short answer is no.  Tragic changes in healthcare status might generate a need for a GCM, such as an accident with a head or spinal injury, or possibly a stroke at a younger age. Care needs are the same no matter the age of the individual. There is also another situation where a […]

Q: Why would we need a GCM assessment? Couldn’t we just talk to our internist? Janet B. Dunwoody, GA

There are some important reasons a Geriatric Care Management (GCM) assessment is more valuable than talking with your doctor or internist.  We all know doctors can be overworked, get behind in their appointment schedules, and their time with each patient is short.  Medicare guidelines only allow for a 7-15 minute visit! Many times if you […]

Q: How can I help my 80 year old Mom stop hoarding? It’s beginning to be a safety issue! Jan G., Acworth, GA

Compulsive hoarding, is the excessive collection of items, along with the inability to discard them. Hoarding will soon be diagnosed as an anxiety disorder in the upcoming DSM-V. Though hoarding could affect anyone regardless of age, or gender, a recent study uncovered that most elderly hoarders were female, unmarried, and lived alone.  This may be […]