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Our staff of highly trained professionals provide the aging and adults with disabilities with the help and advocacy they need.
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SeniorCare Options provides best-in-class services to aging adults and their families in the Greater Atlanta area.  Find out why we’re better than the rest.
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It’s difficult to know when to ask for help for your loved one. We will guide you through a few critical questions to consider.
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Welcome to SeniorCare Options – Aging Life Care™ Managers

SeniorCare Options of Atlanta, Ltd. is an Aging Life Care™ Management service specializing in senior advocacy, needs analysis, and care coordination. As a cross between a medical case worker and a “Daughter for Hire” – we can help!

CONGRATULATIONS TO LISA KAUFMAN for her recent election to the ALCA ™ Board of Directors!


Our team at SeniorCare Options have all been fully vaccinated and are now able to see clients in there own home settings once again!

We continue to follow the updating CDC Guidelines and are advocating to be allowed to see our clients inside Hospitals, Assisted Livings, Memory Care and Rehab Centers. For clients that are too far away for in person visits in the state of Georgia, we are able to now offer TeleVisits to provide our Needs Analysis and Care Management.

There are 6.5 million people living with Alzheimer’s disease in the US today. In 2009, there were 61 million people providing at least partial care for their loved ones and the average cost of 24 hour care in the home is $175,000 annually. Therefore, there are a large number of people in the US like you that are faced with very complex and costly decisions concerning the care of a family member.

What we typically hear when working with families is that they, like you, want to make sound decisions in these three major areas for their loved one: their physical well being, placement or living arrangements and declining cognitive health.

Families find themselves in this sea of overwhelming information and confusion. As you try to make decisions specific to medical care, it’s difficult to keep up with medications, treatments, and varying opinions. What are they for? What are they treating? What are the side effects and interactions? You also have doctors who specialize in different areas of care that will diagnose and prescribe treatment for their specific expertise. Some providers have been known to prescribe treatments or medications that address the fears of the patient and family in the present – but often without educating the family of the long term effects. This could leave you and your family in a position of making medical decisions in an area you’re least equipped. You feel overwhelmed and anxious that you’re making the right decisions for today and for the future.

find-pracWorse yet, doctors may make suggestions based solely on extending a patient’s life without considering their quality of life.  This means is – decisions made today often lead to regret because of not seeing the bigger picture, especially if the long term effects of treatment are not considered.

You are also faced with making decisions around living arrangements. Do they stay at home with care,  live with a family member, or should they move into an assisted living? What factors do you consider as you look at these options? Quality of life, medical conditions, and cognitive health all come into play. How do you balance these competing goals to make the right decision? In Atlanta alone, there are thousands of services from which to choose. Many of these services use assessments designed to do nothing more than give the provider a screening tool of the services they should sell to you. Where is your advocate in the middle of all these choices?

Finally, you may be faced with choices around declining cognitive health. How does your loved one’s state of mind factor into the other two decisions regarding living arrangements and medical care?

What If You Could…

  • questionsIdentify and prioritize all of the important information specific to your loved one’s needs both today and in their future?
  • What if you could navigate the decision making process with a clear and rational mindset so that you’re confident about each of these decisions?
  • Finally, what if you could use this information as you interact within your family and with service providers so that each person is in the best-suited role to support?

You can through our Customized Needs Analysis.

It’s a unique combination of candor, compassion and competency to provide your family with the ability to navigate difficult decisions. We will help you to see the big picture.

Are you ready to discuss your customized needs analysis to navigate the difficult decisions you and your loved ones are facing?

What is an Aging Life Care Manager?

An Aging Life Care™ Manager, or “ALCM”, is a professional who specializes in assisting older persons and their families in meeting their day-to-day and long-term care needs. Most Aging Life Care™ Managers have training from bachelor degrees to multiple doctorates in gerontology, social work, psychology, and Nursing (RN Care Managers). Aging Life Care™ Managers, also known as Aging Life Care Professionals™, are a newly recognized profession that is rapidly developing to help families adjust and cope with the challenges of an aging loved one.

Determining appropriate living arrangements and necessary supportive assistance are among the many services they offer. Care managers also provide needs analysis, screening, arranging, and monitoring in-home help, counseling and support including family conflict mediation and crisis intervention. In addition they arrange for legal, financial, and medical services, evaluate housing options, and assist with relocating an older person to the most appropriate setting. They act as liaisons to families who are separated by long distances from their elderly loved ones making sure they are managing well, and alerting them to any concerns or problems that may arise. Aging Life Care™ Managers have extensive knowledge about the services and resources in their communities.

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"Lisa, You were so gracious and went above and beyond in listening to me and supporting my mom. So many people need your services."

Lisa C.Georgia

“Your staff was amazing & really helped me get through a very difficult process.  Although my mother is refusing her medications, she is now in a safe environment & away from potential exploitation.  I would have been lost without you and your amazing company.”

Verona, B.Hiram, GA

"Thanks again so much for today's talk - I cannot tell you how much better it made me feel to know that I've still got a variety of options."

Jinnie S.Georgia

"Lisa gave my brother a quality of life that he never would have had without her. I believe she extended his life by several years. And it gave me peace of mind that he had quality care by people who cared about him."

Fran S.Illinois

"You impressed me as being the epitome of professional geriatric care managers with kind caring values for your clients..."

Carolyn T.North Carolina

"Lacy has demonstrated keen psychological insight, utter dependability and attention to detail on all levels, complete mastery of all the factors at play in this difficult case, and has gone way 'above and beyond' with wonderful empathy and cheerfulness."

Dr. Erica DuncanGeorgia

"God blesses you, Lisa, as you most surely are the blessing!"

Carolyn J.Canada

"Lisa has been a godsend. She has brought her expert knowledge to the confusing world of a family struggling with Alzheimer's and other elderly ailments. She helps us understand what's going on, what questions to ask of whom, what the medicines are for, and so much more. We no longer feel alone--Lisa is there with us."

Pam S.Georgia

"I have been Mr M's cardiologist for the last 30 years.  Over the last year or so , I have noted a marked deterioration in Mr M's health.  It appeared that he was not taking his meds or his condition was worsening...  Overall I had concerns about whether or not Mr M was actually getting the meds and receiving the care he needed.  He even indicated at times he wasn't getting his meds but the care giver repeatedly stated he was receiving his meds.

In the short time he has been under the care of Senior Care Options, there has been a marked turnaround in his health and attitude.  He is also getting the meds I have ordered, as I have ordered them."

Wm Michael Brown, MD, MBA, FACCGeorgia