“I took my mother to her recent doctor’s appointment, and it was not good news: an Alzheimer’s diagnosis. What do we do now? How can we as a family support her with a future we did not anticipate? What advice can you share with us?” – Molly from Cumming

  No family wants to go through the turmoil of an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, but unfortunately, about 500,000 people learn the same fate each year. While no cure exists for this […]

“My best friend’s father just passed away, and she couldn’t find any paperwork about his funeral wishes. I don’t want our family to have to go through that headache while grieving. How do you recommend funeral planning with seniors? “ – Bethany from Sandy Plains

What an important issue you’ve brought up! Every family faces this situation, yet, we tend to be utterly unprepared for it, often because the idea of funeral planning with seniors […]

“My mother and her caregiver have a daily battle over getting dressed. She doesn’t want to wear hospital gowns or shapeless sweats all day, but she also doesn’t like the pain that dressing and undressing causes. I’ve heard about adaptive clothing for seniors, but I don’t know much about it. Is this something I should look into?” –Jill from Powers Park

  What a great question! Other clients have had the same issue: mom or dad having difficulty dressing or caregivers frustrated with cumbersome pants and shirts. As people age, they […]

“My father has had several hospital stays over the past few months, and he seems to be getting worse. How do we know if it’s time for hospice? What signs should we look for?” – Bryan from Alpharetta

I am sorry to hear about your father’s declining health, and I understand how difficult a decision it is for families to choose hospice care for their loved ones. Many […]

“My father is so stubborn! He needs more care than he lets on, but he won’t let new caregivers do their jobs to keep him clean and fed. What can adult children do when seniors refuse help?” — Eva from Peachtree Corners

    I can almost hear your frustration, but I assure you that you are not alone. As challenging as it is to experience a shift in roles from being […]