After spending time with my mother over the holidays, my brother and I realized it might be time to transition to assisted living. We have found a community we like, but we aren’t sure how to make the move happen. Can you give us some advice about the logistics? “ – Sally from Kennesaw

If you have found a facility that you like, congratulations! That is half the battle. I talk to many families this time of year that are in a similar situation […]

“My mother’s doctor started offering telehealth appointments for follow-ups and medicine refills. Is this just a gimmick, or is telemedicine for seniors worth considering?” –Rick from East Cobb

As the pandemic persists and flu season is just beginning, you and your loved one may not want to go to every medical appointment in person. Virtual health visits are […]

“My father received a letter about his Medicare Advantage plan ending. Now we need to figure out which plan to pick, and we are confused by the options. Why is understanding Medicare so difficult?” –Linda from Smyrna

Medicare open enrollment takes place every year between October 15 and December 7, so many seniors are getting letters like your father as insurance companies change or drop their Medicare […]

“My mother has fallen twice in the past month, but luckily, she has not broken any bones. Is there anything we can do to help her get stronger or prevent a worse fall? Should I ask her physician if physical therapy for seniors can make a difference?” –Glen from Cumming

  Physical therapy for seniors is a valuable weapon in the battle against falls, but you are right if you think it is an overlooked option that can benefit your […]

“My mom’s hearing seems to get worse by the month, but she refuses to talk about it with her doctor. I doubt I am the only one who has this issue. Why are seniors with hearing loss so stubborn about getting treatment?” –Angie from Johns Creek

  I can understand your frustration. Many of my clients ask the same question or go further: why will seniors with hearing loss ignore it, yet everyone with vision loss […]