Geriatric Care Management

I cannot begin to describe the number of times someone told me, “I wish I had known about you when…” I usually tell them now that they know, please tell everyone!

Geriatric Care Managers are the aging experts that support and guide the senior and his/her family through the transitions of aging or chronic needs. They can be the surrogate children, counselors, coaches and advocates that families need when handling the vast requirements for their aging loved ones.

A Professional Geriatric Care Manager (PGCM) is an advisor in health and human services, such as a nurse, social worker, gerontologist, or other allied healthcare specialist with an expertise in aging and care issues.  A PGCM can assist families by providing a comprehensive assessment of functioning and needs, and then assist the family or older adult in coordinating the services and levels of care required to maintain an optimal level of independence.

Sometimes families only want the road map to get them to the next steps in caring for their loved ones, and sometimes they want on-going support and expertise to assist in making difficult life decisions. But the PGCM is available to continuing assisting the family and senior to achieve the best quality of life possible, for as long as they would like. There is no “discharge date,” when families are left on their own to figure it out from there. The PGCM can help them along their journey.

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