“My mom has moved in with us about a year ago and I feel like I’m out of control of my mind and body – my daily tasks are harder to focus on, I’ve gained weight, and I’m grouchy all of the time! The only major change that can identify is that my sleep has been greatly interrupted because I have been so worried having her here. Could this do it? Sandra from Marietta, GA

Thank you so much for your question! The brief answer is, yes! Lack of sleep in small doses can cause increased difficulties in completing tasks, concentration, unsafe actions, and poor […]

3/11/2013 Q: I am exhausted and overwhelmed from being a fulltime caregiver for my father and resent not having any time for myself. Is there anything I can do to make things better? Carolyn P., Lawrenceville, GA

A: It is very important to put plans in place to ease your stress, anxiety, and even anger at all the responsibilities of being the primary caregiver.  You recognize you […]