"Lisa, You were so gracious and went above and beyond in listening to me and supporting my mom. So many people need your services."

Lisa C.Georgia

“Your staff was amazing & really helped me get through a very difficult process.  Although my mother is refusing her medications, she is now in a safe environment & away from potential exploitation.  I would have been lost without you and your amazing company.”

Verona, B.Hiram, GA

"Thanks again so much for today's talk - I cannot tell you how much better it made me feel to know that I've still got a variety of options."

Jinnie S.Georgia

"Lisa gave my brother a quality of life that he never would have had without her. I believe she extended his life by several years. And it gave me peace of mind that he had quality care by people who cared about him."

Fran S.Illinois

"You impressed me as being the epitome of professional geriatric care managers with kind caring values for your clients..."

Carolyn T.North Carolina

"Lacy has demonstrated keen psychological insight, utter dependability and attention to detail on all levels, complete mastery of all the factors at play in this difficult case, and has gone way 'above and beyond' with wonderful empathy and cheerfulness."

Dr. Erica DuncanGeorgia

"God blesses you, Lisa, as you most surely are the blessing!"

Carolyn J.Canada

"I want to thank you for your referral Lisa Meeks' (Kaufman) company. She assigned Christina Townsend and Christina was great. She became my adopted sister to get me through the rough spots at the nursing home when they were assessing my mom , selecting another facility, and getting my mom transitioned to the facilities in all kinds of ways - space, doctors, physical therapy, socialization etc."

Lynn S.Georgia

"Lisa has been a godsend. She has brought her expert knowledge to the confusing world of a family struggling with Alzheimer's and other elderly ailments. She helps us understand what's going on, what questions to ask of whom, what the medicines are for, and so much more. We no longer feel alone--Lisa is there with us."

Pam S.Georgia

"I have been Mr M's cardiologist for the last 30 years.  Over the last year or so , I have noted a marked deterioration in Mr M's health.  It appeared that he was not taking his meds or his condition was worsening...  Overall I had concerns about whether or not Mr M was actually getting the meds and receiving the care he needed.  He even indicated at times he wasn't getting his meds but the care giver repeatedly stated he was receiving his meds.

In the short time he has been under the care of Senior Care Options, there has been a marked turnaround in his health and attitude.  He is also getting the meds I have ordered, as I have ordered them."

Wm Michael Brown, MD, MBA, FACCGeorgia