2/24/2013 Q: I think my elderly parents need help but my brothers, sisters and I can’t agree on how we should care for them. Can a Geriatric Care Manager help? Chuck S., Roswell, GA

A: Absolutely!  You have taken an essential first step in realizing your parents possibly need assistance.  Experience has shown that using a “wait and see” approach usually leads to a crisis situation.  At that point, critical decisions may be made in an emergency situation with fewer options available and emotions running high between family members.  A good starting point for families to come to agreement is realizing it is better to evaluate the situation now, before a crisis happens. A Geriatric Care Manager (GCM) can provide the objective expertise that helps when a family is at odds for caring for an older family member.   Everyone can usually see eye to eye that it is best to rationally look at the resources available and make informed decisions on the best options for elderly family members.  A GCM can help the family keep the loved one’s care as the highest priority when decisions are made.   The first step is a comprehensive assessment of your loved one’s abilities and needs.  This becomes the foundation for a compassionate and competent care plan created specifically for them.

With a GCM, you can receive assistance with family meetings as the care plan is implemented and monitored, have your questions answered by an experienced professional, and even have family members educated on why certain decisions are recommended.  Also, GCM’s offer referrals to important resources and can be the hands-on liaison between the client, family, and our established network of medical providers.

So, to answer your question, a Geriatric Care Manager can definitely help with your family situation.  All GCM’s would commend you for being proactive in seeking assistance for your parents.

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