Do I have to use a Caregiver Agency? Couldn’t I just save a few bucks?


Q: Why would I need to use an agency to find a caregiver for my parents? Couldn’t I just save the extra cost by hiring privately? John S., Atlanta, GA

A: The short answer is: You get what you pay for…

The long answer has to do with protection, for you and your parents. You want to protect yourself from the liability of a caregiver suing you if they injure themselves in the home. You want protection from being without care should your regular person get sick or have car trouble.  You want to protect your loved ones from abuse, fraud or extortion.

When you hire a licensed agency, they have done the background checks, drug screening and training for their hired caregivers. They have the bonding and insurance. They have more than one caregiver for extra shift work, or try ensure the right personality fit for your parents.

Saving a few bucks at the risk of so much does not seem worth it. As professional GCMs, we only recommend that families hire licensed agencies to hire caregivers for their elders.

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  1. Chris Pederson
    Chris Pederson says:

    I found it helpful that you mentioned how senior care agencies will do the background checks for you. I have been worrying about finding someone I can trust to take care of my dad. I’ll look for an agency that I can trust and get to know their employees before hiring them.


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