Q: Do you have to be a certain age to use the services of a Geriatric Care Manager? Gail W. from Marietta, GA

A: The short answer is no.  Tragic changes in healthcare status might generate a need for a GCM, such as an accident with a head or spinal injury, or possibly a stroke at a younger age. Care needs are the same no matter the age of the individual.

There is also another situation where a GCM can be of assistance.  Aging parents who have provided lifelong care for their disabled children are realizing that soon they may no longer be able to provide adequate care.  Their own health is declining and they may not be strong enough to assist with physical needs or mentally acute enough to maintain essential medical requirements. Who will provide compassionate care once they have passed away?

While the majority of care management clients are older adults, many care
managers also assist younger adults who face the challenges of disability or serious illness.  The services that a GCM provides for senior adults relate also to younger clients with physical, mental, and developmental disabilities.  Legal and financial planning referrals, housing and long term care issues, and resources to support the family, are all areas that a GCM can provide to young adults.  They also offer assistance in navigating the complexities of today’s healthcare systems.

I hope my answer helps in your circumstance.  The importance of having a patient advocate for your loved one applies to all ages.

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