Q: Why would we need a GCM assessment? Couldn’t we just talk to our internist? Janet B. Dunwoody, GA

There are some important reasons a Geriatric Care Management (GCM) assessment is more valuable than talking with your doctor or internist.  We all know doctors can be overworked, get behind in their appointment schedules, and their time with each patient is short.  Medicare guidelines only allow for a 7-15 minute visit! Many times if you are not prepared with questions at the visit you will not get all of your needs met.

The Internist is not a geriatric specialist and does not have a working understanding of resources or living arrangements in the community. They are great for diagnosing and medicating – but not as skilled in problem solving the difficult or memory impaired senior. For example, an internist doesn’t have the specialty or expertise to finesse memory or cognitive losses.  Also, you may not know the fundamental questions to ask the internist.  A GCM has the training and experience to know the most important issues of geriatric health that need to be assessed.

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