2/24/2013 Q: I think my elderly parents need help but my brothers, sisters and I can’t agree on how we should care for them. Can a Geriatric Care Manager help? Chuck S., Roswell, GA

A: Absolutely!  You have taken an essential first step in realizing your parents possibly need assistance.  Experience has shown that using a “wait and see” approach usually leads to a crisis situation.  At that point, critical decisions may be made in an emergency situation with fewer options available and emotions running high between family members.  […]

Do I have to use a Caregiver Agency? Couldn’t I just save a few bucks?

1/31/13 Q: Why would I need to use an agency to find a caregiver for my parents? Couldn’t I just save the extra cost by hiring privately? John S., Atlanta, GA A: The short answer is: You get what you pay for… The long answer has to do with protection, for you and your parents. […]

What Kind of Dementia is it?

7/15/12 Q: The doctor gave my dad a diagnosis of dementia. How can I tell if it is Alzheimer’s or not? Denise S.; Decatur, GA   A: Well, allow me to clarify that dementia is a syndrome, or cluster of symptoms, pertaining to thinking and memory loss. It is not really a diagnosis. It is […]