“I have noticed very minor changes in my dad’s overall condition. I am concerned that his symptoms might progress further – but, how can I know when there has been marked changes that warrant further attention?” Phillip from Milton, GA

Thank you so much for your question! And, I appreciate that you are reaching out early as you are noticing the changes while they continue to be minor. This is a wonderful time to establish what is deemed a “baseline” for your father’s condition. To be simply defined, a medical baseline is a set of […]

3/22/2013 Q: I have feelings of guilt every day that I should be a better caregiver. I keep asking “why?” questions from “why did this happen” to “why can’t I be more patient”. I go round and round with no answers. Is this normal? Louise H., Woodstock, GA

A: Many caregivers experience “caregiver guilt” so in a way it is normal in that it is not unusual at all. Your feelings are appropriate for you and there are ways to cope and refocus your thoughts to stay mentally healthy.  First, it’s important to examine if it is really guilt that you are feeling.  […]