“I keep hearing about how bad the air quality is because of the wildfires out west. Should I be worried for my father? He has COPD. What do I need to know about air quality for seniors?” – Carrie from Duluth

  We hear more about air quality at certain times of the year, and with the wildfires so prevalent in the summer, it does seem to be more of a […]

“My elderly father has his days, but for the most part, he still seems pretty sharp. Is there anything I can do to help him stay that way? What tips do you have for boosting brain health?” –Christine from Sandy Springs

  That is fantastic to hear that your father is still going strong. I understand wanting to hold off cognitive decline for as long as you can for your senior.  […]

“My mother has agreed to move to an assisted living facility, but what happens now? I do not think I can handle this move by myself, and my siblings do not live in the same town. Is there anyone who can help us with the task of downsizing and the battles that go with it?” – Stephen from Milton

  Moving into a senior living community is not like an everyday move. For this type of move, you may have several focuses, the most daunting of which may be […]

“Everyone in the family, including my elderly father, has allergies every spring, but this year, our symptoms seem worse than ever. My father is worried we could have Covid, but I disagree. Can you clear up our Covid-19 or allergies debate?” –Gina from Dunwoody

  Most people have spent more time at home over the past year, and with the spring weather, they want to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. […]

“My mother’s physician thinks it may be time to consider memory care, but honestly, I don’t know much about it and how it differs from other senior living options. Can you explain the benefits of memory care so that my family can decide what is best for Mom?” – Joe from Roswell

Any time you choose a senior living community for your loved one, it can be a difficult decision. Finding the right level of care just complicates the matter, but the […]